Advantages of automated logistics industry

The main features of automated logistics system is fast, efficient and reasonable storage materials and timely and accurate manner to provide the required items. Compared with the traditional logistics system, the advantages of automated logistics system is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) improve the efficiency and accuracy of production and distribution
Automated logistics system uses advanced information management systems, automated material storage, sorting and handling equipment, the goods needed to automatically access and sorting in warehouses. Industrial production processes, automated logistics system directly to the production line docking, according to production needs, at a specified time will automatically output the material to the production line, ready to meet the raw materials needed for the production, so that the amount needed for the production and supply of raw materials to achieve an optimum number value, improve production efficiency; identification through the use of advanced technology and information processing technology, can effectively manage the material, to ensure the accuracy of feeding, but can also accurately track the flow of goods. Commercial distribution sectors, automated logistics system automatically arrange the shipment and distribution according to accepted order information, through the use of automatic picking technology, RFID technology, bar code technology, can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the sorting and distribution.
(2) to achieve enterprise information integration
Logistics and information technology is an important part of enterprise information, logistics information management system and other enterprise management systems through seamless, information is automatically passed and received between the various enterprise systems to enable enterprises to achieve information integration, logistics system to avoid becoming “islands of information” for the production and marketing of the whole process of planning, control and material tracking. The production process, automated logistics system through the production process in real-time collection of all the most basic logistics information, and continue upward aggregated form that can guide corporate purchasing, production flow of information.
Sales process, automated logistics system can automatically obtain the order information from other management systems and processes, to ensure speedy access to information, timely treatment; effective business contacts bundled distribution and warehousing, sales between the various business through real-time control terminal , timely, accurate, and efficient distribution requirements and a summary stocking, distribution, and automatically generate purchase data or inform the workshop to organize production according to the needs of the reference inventory data.
(3) improve space utilization, reduce the cost of land
Automated logistics system uses high-bay storage of goods, storage area can contribute to the development of high-altitude, reduce inventory footprint, improve warehouse space utilization and storage capacity. Currently, the world’s highest automated warehouse height reached 50m, storage capacity per unit area warehouse shelves up to 7.5t / m2, it is 5-10 times that of traditional ordinary warehouse, compared with the traditional ordinary warehouse can save 40% -70% of the area, can significantly reduce the cost of land.
(4) reduce labor demand, reduce labor costs
Automated logistics system can reduce the need for artificial and reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. For example: logistics officer with the same tonnage of goods stored, automated logistics systems can save more than 2/3.
(5) improve logistics management
Automated logistics system can be put in storage for inventory, a library, shift library, and other operations to conduct a comprehensive inventory control and management, not only reflected in the whole process of inventory items, and items can be real-time analysis and control, business management who provide the basis to make the right decisions, balancing production, storage and sales of all aspects, will be reduced to the optimum inventory storage capacity, a substantial increase in cash flow speed and utilization, reduce inventory costs; through the use of satellite positioning systems and other technology to materials transportation route optimization, real-time monitoring of goods in transit, ensure the safety of supplies.
In addition, automated logistics system also can better adapt to the job requirements, etc. darkness, toxic, low temperature and other special logistics environment advantage.
Therefore, from the logistics efficiency and management level, space utilization, labor costs, etc. can be seen, automated logistics system compared with traditional logistics systems, it has obvious advantages.