How should the rouble result

In sharp increases in interest rates and the trillions of roubles bailout fund, under the stimulus of roubles a short-term rebound, but the trend is still not to turn back.The rouble is still not out of the plight of result, is the main reason why the rouble falling oil prices and economic sanctions, on this basis, formed a bearish expectations of Russia’s economy, out of more than $120 billion in Russia.

Mr Putin’s optimism and the Russian government rescue efforts to temporarily stabilize the market expectations, but the power of the ruble rebound after all is limited, not to mention cracks, restore to 32.8 highs.

Rouble devaluation speed faster than the oil price, oil price and is not the most important reason to cause the rouble devaluation, compared with the special sand producer’s currency, the rouble performance is really bad.

Economic sanctions and a stronger dollar form expectations is the biggest pressure to the ruble, the dollar makes U.S. markets become attract money black hole, but it is the common problem facing the emerging market countries.

Russia under harsh financial sanctions from the Europe and the United States, large enterprises and Banks lost overseas financing channels, the Russian central bank has issued in the form of less transparent rubles to save large energy companies, dilution and damaged the credibility of the rouble, all sorts of unfavorable factors are together, let the vulnerable.

Why the situation so far?And, in the aggregate, the rouble suffers from political and economic game between Russia and Europe and the United States, has half marketization of Russia’s economy is not closed the door to avoid external sanctions.

Europe and the United States and Russia’s geopolitical ambitions capital network collision, the rouble, like being wrapped in a spider’s web, unable to display

Russia’s strength is derived from the huge nuclear arsenals, and Mr Putin’s tough stance, restore the glory days of the Russian empire and the influence of putin’s ruling goal, economic development to serve the geopolitical objectives.

Europe and the United States has the advantage of economy, the formulation and control of the rules of the world economy, and around Wall Street and the fed can almost global capital flows.

The rouble tumbled means that putin’s geopolitical blueprint is difficult to win over the European and American capital markets, if Ukraine the situation did not change, I’m afraid this political economic game will continue, the rouble springback co., LTD.

Look at history, Russia as capital is not economic powers, but the vast territory, population, and the national super patience, napoleon and Hitler’s defeat in Moscow.

Now it could never happen expedition in Moscow, Russia’s traditional advantage is difficult to play the proper effect.