Logistics and supply chain choices on customer service requirements

At present, research on supply chain achievement very much.”Only supply chain but not on the market company”, “the real competition is not the competition between enterprises and enterprises, but the competition between supply chain and supply chain”, these ideas to our understanding of logistics, and grasp the relationship between the enterprise and understand the market competition of the 21st century has a great deal of inspiration.

Logistics and supply chain are two different categories.The current international understanding of the supply chain there are basically three kinds of view:

Concept is an extension of the concept of logistics, supply chain

Logistics and supply chain is one thing

, the related business, resource integration and enterprise integration

We believe that the above view is in certain ways reflects the people to the understanding of the supply chain, and from a particular perspective is reasonable.However, we are more inclined to think that the supply chain and logistics, supply chain is not just, extending the concept of logistics supply chain is closely related with the business integration of enterprises, therefore, we are more inclined to the third point of view.

Supply chain management in fact should include supply chain integration between various functions within the organization and the supply chain between the upstream and downstream integration, integration including the business flow, logistics, information flow, etc., the content of the integration of the object has the resources, process, organization, business, etc., thus the concept of the concept of supply chain logistics more widely.

Any software is a reflection of management thoughts.Supply chain management as a new management thought and its software function itself will also because of all sorts of management schools varies understanding of supply chain management itself.In order to better understand the supply chain management software itself, we will with the function of the supply chain planning a class called generalized of supply chain management software, “the implementation of supply chain + enters sells saves the traditional” is defined as a narrow sense of supply chain management software.