Logistics warehousing equipment intelligent development potential is huge

A few months ago, the largest pension fund asset management company, the Netherlands yi shang hui surplus assets management company and China jointly announced that the Dutch hui surplus will easy to invest up to $650 million, get easy ’20% stake, and forming a joint venture, and business operation standardization, modern logistics across the country.
Yi shang the relevant person in charge of enterprises believe that the market potential is very large, the company is expected in the next few years will project size increase to more than three times today.
He also thinks, at present, the average American has logistics warehousing area is 14 times of China.At the same time, China’s existing logistics warehousing equipment, modernization, standardization of warehouse logistics equipment are much rarer.And as easy to dealer company is bullish on the Chinese logistics market, the main construction of high-end storage and logistics equipment.
Smooth logistics warehousing equipment development
At present, the logistics enterprises in China, the largest is the foreign sales, it has about 9 million square meters of property;Easy business enterprise scale in the second tier, in Shanghai, Beijing and guangzhou and some of the second-tier cities operation or storage property development more than 100 square meters.Yi shang’s unique business model is to provide e-commerce company, or other domestic consumer service project of the company.Amazon has developed, 1 shop, where visitors, jingdong and other large electricity customers.
Shelves with the pallet industry maintained a fast growth, the growth rate more than 15%, large and super large projects are increasing.
Logistics warehousing equipment needs larger industry, there are electronic commerce, electronic industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, retail industry, the publishing industry, the logistics industry, military departments, etc.
Electricity logistics raising money to start their own self-built logistics, third-party logistics companies, such as acquisition, at present the jingdong mall, purchase, alibaba Su Ningyi electricity already have so much money to raise investment such as logistics.Electronic commerce the logistics industry to an unprecedented height, provides space for the development opportunity of development.
Modern warehousing logistics equipment is developing to the intelligent.Logistics warehousing equipment including transportation equipment, storage equipment and handling equipment, sorting equipment, sorting equipment.As a complex system of logistics storage system through computer systems has not yet been a unit equipment and automatic control system of coordination and control, so as to complete the goods acceptance, storage, storage, picking, packing, classification and collection of goods and delivery and so on a series of work.It’s more needs a perfect information control system.