Marine fuel oil import standards

Content of the problem: national customs have any standard for Marine fuel oil import?Must meet the requirements of what can only be imposed import?

Answer: according to “name of commodity and the coordinate system of annotation, under a 2710 goods refers to the oil and the oil extracted from bituminous minerals, except crude oil;With the oil of the basic ingredients (not less than 70% by weight) of other items not listed products;Waste oil…This item includes: (1) “topped oil” (steamed to some lighter fractions of crude oil) and slightly wide fraction distillation of crude oil or refined mineral oil and asphalt from light oil, medium oil and heavy oil.The oil liquid or semisolid shaped, with aromatic hydrocarbon in the main, for example, alkane, cyclanes.These include: (a) of gasoline oil.(2) oil solvents.(3) the kerosene.(4) gas oil.(5) of fuel oil.(6) of spindle oil and lubricating oil.7) white oil.This item includes the further processed to remove impurities (for example, the use of acid or alkali treatment, using selective solvent, zinc chloride, absorb the processing such as soil or processed by redistillation) of the above fractions, as long as the products after processing is not pure or commodity of the existing definitions of chemical compounds (29) alone…Asked by your company import standards is not clear quality standards or classification criteria.If refers to the quality standards, do not belong to the scope of the jurisdiction of the customs, inconvenient to answer, suggest you consult the department in charge of other countries.As asked for classification standard, in view of the fact that you mentioned the bunker fuel, not a detailed description, you may refer to the above commodity annotations (limited to the character limit, comments only provide the above text).Your company submit consulting provides the name of commodity, only for the customs commodity classification, information is too simple and general, inconvenient to answer online.