Pharmaceutical market will be competitive electricity supplier logistics and supply chain

Pharmaceutical electricity supplier has become the hottest sector investment circles, in addition to snatch mobile providers entrance platform, the real competition will be the future of logistics and supply chain, the Internet would subvert future pharmaceutical industry, drug profits as the most easily realizable carrier, triggered fierce competition and cross-border cooperation.

Under the influence of pharmaceutical companies in the Internet, the future winner must supply chain around the core values ​​of enterprise and innovation. Five pharmaceutical logistics centers need to face the problem: the massive storage, large-scale demolition of zero / replenishment, and efficient low-cost distribution, increasingly stringent government regulation and multi-format and uncertainty about the future.

According to statistics, more and more pharmaceutical wholesale distribution companies, electricity providers, logistics parks, commercial enterprises and manufacturing companies are all active in the construction and renovation will be a modern logistics center, an annual growth rate of 17% increase, to By 2015, the market scale modern logistics center will be more than 32 billion, electricity suppliers future pharmaceutical market will reach one trillion yuan.

In the pharmaceutical logistics industry into the era of automation, but also gradually entered the high labor costs, land costs, transportation costs, and high-risk times, this trend forcing part of medicine and logistics companies seeking transformation, to explore new business models, Medicine electricity supplier is one of development. With the deepening medical reform, as well as the development of the electricity supplier to promote the introduction of standardized pharmaceutical policy, medicine circulation is facing new opportunities for change and accelerate business innovation and transformation of pharmaceutical companies has become a hot issue even more attention. For the whole industry chain upstream and downstream of the congregation 130,000 companies jointly to enhance the level of modern pharmaceutical logistics in the logistics center, warehouse automation use, pharmaceutical development of electronic business and other sectors, to promote the sharing of the new environment of modern pharmaceutical logistics technology, innovation and fast development of.