What are designing points of storage shelves

A simple summary of the customers in the selection of storage shelves, should pay attention to several points, in order to better in early design and consulting. (1) plant architecture (available highly | | floor beam position conditions | fire prevention facilities) must be taken into consideration during the choice of storage shelves under the beam height, to determine the shelf height.While the beam position affects the configuration of shelf.Floor bear strength, surface roughness is also associated with the design and installation of shelves.In addition still must consider the installation position of fire prevention facilities and lighting facilities.(2) items characteristics (size | | weight store digits | storage unit) storage shape and size of the items, specifications of the selected directly relates to the shelf, the weight of the stored items chooses which directly affect the strength of the shelves.And storage unit, stored on what basis, pallet (pallet) or storage cage or item have different type of shelves to choose.Also forecasts the total store the number of digits, must consider the company in the growth of demand over the next two years.These data can be obtained via storage system analysis, can also requires us to make shelf give some professional advice before design.(3) access (storage density | fifo | storage management) general access and storage density is relative.That is to say, in order to get high storage density, relative expense items must be accessibility.Although some types of shelves can get better storage density, but relative to the reservoir management more complex, often can’t do first in first out of control.The best automatic stereoscopic warehouse can upgrade development, of course, access and storage density, but the relative cost of investment is relatively expensive.So choose what type of storage devices, can saying is the compromise in the various factors, is also a kind of strategy application.About various types of storage devices to access and storage density, can inquire.(4) handling equipment (counterweight | across vertical lifting height of lifting weight | | | | channel width) rotation radius of storage devices to access job is handling equipment to complete.So choose storage equipment must also consider handling equipment.Stacking machine is a generic handling equipment, and aisle width, will directly affect the selection of stacking machine type, is a type of balancing or narrow road.Each model forklift operation channel width may refer to table 1-8.In addition still must consider lifting height and lifting weight (Capacity) the comparison of handling equipment may refer to: the type of forklift and brands to choose.(5) RuChuKu quantity (first in first out | | access frequency access number) certain types of shelves, though a good storage density, but RuChuKu quantity is not high, suitable for low frequency operation.RuChuKu data, it is very important to high as shelves form chosen considering items.The characteristics of storage shelves and USES Storage shelves bearing strength, storage shelves, each carrying up to 5000 kg, access to the most convenient and fast, is the most widely used tray class goods storage system, has the strong versatility.Its structure is shelves along the width direction of the warehouse is divided into several rows, stay a lane in a way, for the stacker crane, forklift or other handling machinery.Each row of shelves along the lengthwise direction warehouse divided into several columns, divided into several layers in vertical direction, thus forming a large number of goods, for tray for goods storage.Features: each piece of tray can deposit or move independently, warehouse shelves to make the goods loading and unloading process more convenient, more quickly.Can adapt to various types of goods, the beam height can be adjusted according to the requirements of the goods size, can be used as much as possible to the upper space of the warehouse.Set of facilities, the most simple, lowest cost, convenient in installation and removal.Storage shelves are made of high qualified steel plate, the surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, corrosion/rust/strong and beautiful.It can satisfy all kinds of specifications and bearing design factory, warehouse, assembly line, warehouse supermarket use requirement.When you need the shelves of every layer bearing of 100-150 kg, this shelf is the ideal choice, also can use of the platform, so the light shelf is suitable for factory to store light bulk goods and warehouse supermarket use.That is assembled with infixing pattern. The install and disassemble because it is widely used.The steel floor of each layer can be adjusted to content many kinds demand.Storage equipment development About 120 industrial shelves production enterprises in China, there do better stand still industrial equipment, storage shelves, Shanghai star, XiaoBao storage, 10 storage devices, Shanghai teng mian, nanjing love shelves, nanjing 6 d 2006, shelf production more than 40% growth in 2005, but is not large, the growth of GDP from 2005 shelves market value of about 1.8 billion yuan.In 2007, the total output of about 320000 tons, the output value of about 3 billion yuan.In 2008, automated warehouse (AS/RS) using shelf production will flat with 2007, due to steel prices factors, shelf production rose 1.25%;Forklift expand with pallet racking and shelving, put aside plate shelf production is 1.2% higher than in 2007, due to steel prices factors, GDP will grow by 1.25%.In 2009, its shelves 09 year growth of 1.48%, affected by the economic crisis 08, more gently;In 2010, due to steel prices increased by 1.21%, has been deep foreign companies with high quality products of Shanghai storage needs.2011, steel prices compared with the 09, growth of 1.5%, around the large enterprises to realize the modernization of the goods to the warehouse, are strongly recommended automation.