The difference between Google, Bing, Yahoo SEO

At the beginning of the operation of SEO, many people will have a question, in addition to Google’s search engine, Bing, Yahoo, even there are Baidu (Baidu), Blekko, another dual, and so on, what should I do to conform to the rules of search engine rankings?

The main search engine ranking rules will be related to several factors, the first is the current Internet technologies and academic theory research of all kinds of search engines, all search engines cannot themselves have a technology, while others don’t know, because it must be through the search engine’s theory of academic research, and then to the current network technology and form.So, what kind of search engine “ranking rules”, will be the same, different only “weight”, is also more than Google attaches great importance to the Google +, but can’t completely doesn’t consider the effect of Facebook, and Bing is more emphasis on Facebook, and depending on the Google + can catch information, more or less will be the reference.

For example from Bing SEO Guidelines, we can see the difference really very few, and Bing said their own differences, actually also looks just trying to say is not the same as Google places, is not necessarily a difference is really important.

Ecological relationship of the second is the Internet, search engine will be between the enemy and friend, also can have some common enemy, or a mutual friend.Can achieve the ecological relationship will affect search engine data, more complete information can be obtained in a stable, are likely to have higher weight, if there is no way, cannot be used as a ranking rules of consideration.So Google would consider Social factors (Social Factor) will be unlike, Bing or Baidu (Baidu), such as Baidu, of course, will give up the Social network and lay particular stress on their Social network in China.

The third is to their own patent search engine that though says the search engine USES the technology about the same, but still there are some people not or cannot use the recipe, it can be said to be the core of the search engine technology.But the core of search engine technology, though different, but it is not important for SEO or users, because the core technology involved only How (How to) is different, but the end result is the same, the difference is not too big.

But the above said three factors make search engine, sums up only actually, that is “the search engine can use their resources” to produce their ranking rules, and “the resources of the search engine to be able to master” overlaps is very high, that is to say whether Google, Bing, Yahoo SEO SEO SEO, you don’t need to care about what kind of SEO to operate, only need to grasp the general direction, will not have a pity.