The Function and Development of Automatic Warehouse

The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of three-dimensional shelves, railroad road stacker, outbound pallet conveyor system, size detection bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and others such as wire and cable tray distribution Cabinet, pallet, adjustment platform, automatic steel warehouse platform, and other auxiliary equipment consisting of complex automation systems. The use of advanced integrated logistics concepts, the use of advanced control, bus, communications and information technology, through the coordination of the above equipment action, in accordance with the needs of users to complete the specified goods automatic and orderly, fast accurate and efficient warehousing out of storage operations. Automated warehouse is an important part of the rapid development of modern logistics system. It has the functions of saving land, reducing labor intensity, improving storage automation level and management level, reducing storage and transportation loss, effectively reducing backlog of working capital and improving logistics efficiency. Many advantages.
The role of automated warehouse: automated warehouse has many applications in China, more concentrated in the fast moving consumer goods industry applications and applications in the pharmaceutical industry. What makes people more and more popular automated warehouse? First of all, it can help enterprises in the limited space which enhance the storage capacity. In China’s current market environment, the cost of land is very high. Enterprises want to get greater benefits, innovation and development is on the one hand, the other is to save costs, companies such as in a limited space to store more items, automated warehouse just can solve this problem. Second, it helps enterprises to improve work efficiency. Because it is using the more advanced computer processing system, so you can effectively save time, and do a good job between the convergence of equipment. In addition, it can also reflect the comprehensive strength of enterprises. We all know that the automated warehouse from the equipment to the system, its cost is relatively high, so there is a certain economic strength of enterprises to be able to use, which from the side shows the overall strength of an enterprise. Therefore, we can see from these aspects, the reason why there will be more and more enterprises choose automated warehouse, and its role in the above, as well as to create value and influence are inseparable.
The development of automatic warehouse: Warehouse shelves in the design of the time, we should fully consider the distribution of goods warehouse status, as far as possible the distribution of goods in the warehouse storage evenly, but still have to do the worst. Automated warehouse warehouse shelf type is mainly based on a variety of bearing capacity to determine, through the survey of industrial enterprises found that automated warehouse in the industry share is very high. Automated three-dimensional warehouse is a relatively new product, the rapid development of a reason. Stereoscopic warehouse is a storage space, so it not only has the role of storage throughout the flow of goods in the process, the warehouse is still a procurement distribution and distribution of relay stations, must have a highly efficient way of working. So when planning the storage system, when the material into the material should be based on the use of direction, type, and many other considerations after the division in order to improve the efficiency of management. Automated three-dimensional warehouse can fundamentally solve the problems of many traditional warehouses. First of all, can be reflected in the occupied space, automated storage warehouse used in the three-dimensional warehouse assembly, together with the automated management technology, making the utilization of warehouse space has been greatly improved in the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection today, this is the future Storage development trend. But it can not do without automated management technology, the use of computer information can be achieved on the precise management of goods, which can reduce the storage of goods to reduce errors that may arise and improve work efficiency. At the same time, also reduce the rate of damage to goods and can be very good to meet the special requirements of the environment of different goods, can adapt to different materials storage needs. If it can be effectively used, automated warehouse can form an advanced production chain, the formation of automated storage in the logistics system, so that production capacity has been greatly improved, so as to promote the development of the entire industry.